Registration is very easy.

So who needs a Domain Name? Businesses, Bloggers, Teams, Associations, Clubs, bloggers, Politicians, Events, Families, Places, Campaigns, Satire and ideas. Register your desired domain name before some else takes it. You can “Park” it at no charge until you’re ready to use.

Domain Transfers are equally easy.

You can transfer your domain(s) from your existing high price Registrar to Red Dog 7 Hosting in just a few minutes. Initiate the transfer, go to you current Registrar’s control panel for the transfer code, and go back to paste it into the transfer application. You don’t have to do it all at the same time. After you enter the code, the transfer will be initiated and will be completed a day or two later. All information transfers with it, so you don’t have worry about any interruption in your web service. The more sites you transfer (when using Bulk Transfer) the more the savings.

Pro Tip

Use the optional service that protects your domain with 2-step (code Texted to your smart phone) control panel access, and protects your privacy by using a Proxy for the required Contact Information.

24/7 Telephone Support

If you run into any snag, call the customer support number for a friendly, knowledgeable person – with English as their first language – to help.