Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Absolutely. Simply register or transfer your domain name with Red Dog 7 Hosting, Then in your My Account click the DNS link for the domain, and set the Name Servers (usually two) to the server your site is hosted on.
No problem. While you're smart to secure the desired domain name while available, you can Park it (its automatic until you associate to a web site) at no charge.
Yes, there are increased increments of savings for each additional of five domains. Many buy multiple extensions (.com .net .us .org .tv...) to the domain name - having the best choice as the main domain, and the others forward to it. Often a domain name has a number in it (IE: and and bother versions are bought with one forwarding to another. Other instances have people frequently misspell, so all variations are secured so as to not miss business. Cybersquaters frequently secure the commonly misspelled versions and extensions of people and business for nefarious reasons - such to forward to porn sites or other bad situations. Many companies buy their domains with Sux or Sucks appended to the end - and "park" them to keep away from haters, For instance was bought and forwards to a very favorable Wikipedia article.
cPanel is the Control Panel that comes with cPanel Hosting. It gives you the ability to set up email accounts, add databases, get your web statistics and everything else require to maintain your hosting account. It a very simple to use interface. has documentation and support forums if you have questions on how to use a function.
Plesk is the Control Panel to manage your hosting account if you chose to be on a Windows Server.
Nothing to be concerned with. Transferring only takes moments of your time, and once approved all information comes with it. There's no interruptions of service.
Yup. The person who was the first to jump on has a gold mine. Other domain names have proved to me very profitable. Sometimes politicians who just announced running for election are a little slow to register the domain name (IE: joeblow2020) and have paid the owner thousands to have the domain name to their ownership. There are many domain auction sites to list popular domain names that "cybersquaters" were quick to pull the trigger on.
See the FAQ "Do I save more with Bulk Registrations & Transfers" to see why you should maybe consider also variations of your domain name,
Privacy. Many people desire more privacy than they would have with a "free" calendar, which is scanned for advertising and other purposes. The same happens with with many of the "Free" email accounts.
Security & Privacy are the two biggest reasons. Nothing in life is free. There is a reason for free email. Information harvesting - your information. Additionally, people may not want to have a personal web site or blog - but dig having a "Vanity eMail" address. For privacy reasons, many businesses with a web site want to keep their email on a different server than what many of their personnel have administrative access to, .
There is a lot of very useful public domain and commercial applications (aka Scripts) for things like forums, wikis, blogs, support ticketing, calendars, ancestry tracking, Context managers, fine servers,..... They each take a database. That said, you can always upgrade later, but its best to think ahead. Look for the Internet Applications page for more information.
Managed WordPress Hosting at Red Dog 7 Hosting has WordPress installed with automatic updates, backups (1-click restore) and daily malware scans. All Managed WordPress plans also come with a SSL Certificate installed - so your visitors know that they're visiting a secure web site. It's the best plan for the novice with WordPress being the main goal. cPanel and Plesk plans offer increased features and flexibility - but with it comes increased complexity. While you can install WordPress along with other applications (like a forum or a wiki) - it is up to you to install them and back your sites up. A SSL Certificate is an option, instead of included. While not overly complicated, they do require more initial set up.